Ampe A81 Android 4.0 8 Inch

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Ampe A81 Using Created For
a Brand New Generation

Ampe A81 labeled the modelling, contracted design discloses an environment style, clean-cut whole plane back cover all show clean. The foot of the metal wiredrawing positive designs, for that product graces many. Middle has HOME button, upper right also place a front camera, whole looks and simple dignified. On the rear of the device by water texture design, can prevent slippery and boost the put on resistance, reveal personality and aesthetic feeling.

Ampe A81  used some:3 ratio 8 inch touchscreen display design, it's reported when compared with other 7 inches lcd screens to large, 40% functioning and visual experience their very own advantages, and simultaneously directly into see the web watching the E-book plus it much more comfortable.

Ampe A81 using created for a brand new generation of MID make All Champion A10 processing nick, to at least one.5 GHz maximum frequency. The nick into "Many Core" the nuclear idea, including CPU, GPU, DPU, VEPU, SPU, APU, UPU, AEPU, along with other unit integration to have an organic whole, each division at work and cooperation, higher level of integration reduces the chance of runtime error, to satisfy user greater games, Access to the internet, video experience.

Ampe A81 using All Champion A10 plan launched firmware 2. T, solve the Android 4. primary Very good music player application and relevant experience problems, and additional modified the UI, to ensure that customers may feel to Android 4. (http://world wide computer.html) effect. Simultaneously it built-in Android native software program, including Market, Google Map, etc, and user-friendly.

Ampe A81 support 2160 P HD video broadcast throughout directly, and simultaneously support 1080 P and 720 P video format of numerous dimensions more. 2160 P, namely 3840 x 2160 resolution, 1080 P for the HD resolution now standard, that's 2160 P screen pixel density of arrived at 1080 P's four occasions. Simultaneously it support RMVB, AVI, Wmv file, MKV, VOB, MOV, FLV, ASF, DAT, MP4, 3 GP, MPG, SWF, TS, video format, let customers benefit from the audiovisual feast.

Ampe A81 can connect with the three D TV equipment, with 3 D glasses, and also to realize the shock 3 D video more support. Simultaneously, our prime frequency and 512 M DDR3 cache, add Mail 400 display nick and gravity induction function, allow the customers enjoy the overall game experience. Shock 3 D video + fun 3 D games, love provides you with make an effort to end up being the A80 play to become presented favor on recently.

AmpeA81 has got the three colors, Pink, light blue and whitened

AmpeA81 support all HD output High-definition multimedia interface, can the recording and games around the MID picture transmission to giant screen display to look at or operation, taking account from the outside portable entertainment and family audio, the overall game experience, allow the consumer experience to "family game + home entertainmentInch benefit from the entertainment, further enrich using consumer experience.

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